Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Crave For

Hokkaido Milk Tea from Serenitea

Because it's so humid, I feel tired and I need a refreshing drink.

For months, I've been eyeing this stall in ATC (Alabang Town Center) and had the chance to try it last Friday. It's good. Person A and his friends find the play of words interesting. Just sharing. 

The variety of black tea pairs well with milk. I had it at 75% sweetness so as not to make it too sweet. Surprisingly, I like it with the pearls. The caffeine in the tea is too strong for me though.

Serenitea has a wide selection of cold milk teas, brewed teas and fruit flavored teas that can go well with any savory or on its own. The one in ATC is just a small stall and waiting time is reasonable. 

How I wish they'll open a branch in  Makati, real soon.

Because I want one.

It's all about me, you know. -(",)-*wink*

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