Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Poultry-Smelling Marshmallow Palace

My pillows smell like poultry. I am not kidding.

I splurged on down pillows because I need new pillows, they are heavily discounted and I want that soft yet ample support once you've put all your weight on the pillow. I can enumerate a number of reasons but it can be summed up to I WANT DOWN PILLOWS.

To remove the smell, online sources have it to air the pillows, use generous amount of fabric scent or use baking soda as odor absorber, I'm trying the first option. I'm looking past the amoy manok smell and marvel at my own marshmallow palace, to shamelessly steal Jenni Epperson's line. White sheet with sufficient thread count that feels so smooth and silky.

And I am loving the green embroidery - so simple.

Linens Direct through the years! Oh, I should share with you my retired white, jacquard sheets from the same brand. It's so pretty. I won't be using it anymore because I upgraded to a bigger mattress! Yipee!

Napaghahalatang di ko pinaplantsa bedsheet ko. 


  1. hindi ka nagiisa hindi rin ako nag plaplantsa ng bed linens ko hahaha

  2. IM BFF! -(",)-*wink* Hahaha! How are you? How's Bali?



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