Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dear Sanity

Dear Sanity,

Let's stick together the next 2 weeks, okay? With the loose ends that I need to tie and the new chapter that I will start, I need you like the tinapay needs the palaman and the fish needs the tubig. 

Get the picture? Promise, I'll be extra kind to you when we've accomplished everything and we've moved everything that needs to be moved. We'll get that haircut, mani/pedi, massage and that facial and power peel we've been dreaming for months. 



For every hiccup that comes with change, there are still a million things that are worth thanking for. Here are the random things that made me happy this week:

1. Potted Potter. The promise of 7 Potter books condensed in 70 minutes is indeed true. With a real-life quidditch .... and the audience gets to participate! However, you have to remember that this is a parody and so... my verdict is it's one of the best stand up comedy acts I have seen. I was laughing hard 80% of the time. If you've read Harry Potter and you like stand up comedy acts then you'd find the show enjoyable.

2. My pasalubong from India. Thank you Fra, I'll whip one curry dish in my new kitchen.

3. I woke up to this earlier. 

My Crumpy jar with at least a dozen of white roses. 

This one is  on my coffee table. 

Half a dozen on the kitchen counter 

And the other half in the bath room. 

All for PhP 160. They don't have the best quality but enough to brighten up your home. Person A encouraged me to drop by Dangwa last night to start the weekend right... yeah, the fiance really knows how to cheer me up.  Also, I recycle glass containers. The long-necked bottles used to contain balsamic vinegar and well... the Crumpy jar needs to be stripped off its label. 

4. Breakfast this morning. 

Kailangan i-maximize ang flowers.

Life is good. Thank you, God -(",)-*wink* 

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