Sunday, January 27, 2013

Poco Deli

The entire week I was craving for Poco Deli. When I transferred to our company's head office, I was able to get to know some colleagues who are as passionate as I am when it comes to food (read: gustong gusto kumain). Among the places she mentioned, I can't seem to forget Poco Deli because good red meat spells comfort food. One night a month ago, I was happy to see the sign that it is opening in Ayala Triangle! Then 2 weeks back while jogging in the garden I saw the place on soft opening thus I immediately informed my colleague and we went out for lunch last week.

Now, I can't forget that Tuesday lunch because of the meatloaf and bacon so I keep telling Person A to try the place with me and thus we found ourselves at Poco Deli on a Saturday afternoon. 

The Place

The deli has an understated elegance with its soft lighting, industrial accent pieces, hardwood furniture and a selection of wines on one wall. The restaurant seats around 50 and has a good view of the garden. 

We came in just after lunch time and with the place to ourselves, good food and ambiance, we had fun wedding planning while we tried to digest our food and make space for dessert. I mentioned to Person A, if this is what wedding planning is all about, then I am going to invite him to plan our wedding each week!

Homemade German MeatLoaf (PhP 350)

A traditional meatloaf recipe handed down from several generations of German butchers. 

Two huge meatloafs, grilled served with 2 eggs and bacon rice. Please don't expect spam. Hehe The meat is soft and juicy. Very delectable. Two thumbs up!

Bacon Slab (PhP 320)

Thick, savory slices of bacon - a taste of heaven for bacon lovers.

Oh yeah! The slices are so thick that you think you're ordering pan-grilled liempo! It's also juicy and the difference you get the cured-meat taste in really thick bites! Heaven!

Citrus Delight (PhP 120)

I washed down my breakfast fare with carbonated water spritz with lemon, oranges, lime and grapefruit. It actually tastes like diluted Sprite with citrus flavors. It's in a karaffe and can be shared by 2. It's okay but not great.

Erdinger (PhP 200)

The gentleman elected to pair his meal with beer. As he pointed out, we're having European food, so why not do it like the Europeans do! 

Yeah... yeah... okay. The beer is very refreshing, subtle tasting so very good with flavorful red meat.  Though it would have been better if it was served ice-cold. 

As I told you, we rated the entire meal 4 thumbs up and having said that, we're not done yet. We ordered dessert, one each! 

Red Velvet Cake (~PhP 150)

3 layers of red velvet cake frosted with white cream. The cake is moist and the frosting is very creamy. Again, another great one.

Cappucino (or was it Latte?) Cake (~PhP 150)

Extra-moist, soft, espresso-flavored cake topped with milky-cappuccino frosting. The flavor is very strong and it's sooo goooooood!

Because we're full, we ordered brewed coffee to help us digest everything. This organic coffee is also nicely-brewed, one of the better ones.

In Summary

1. The place is cozy and has this understated elegance tone. It is perfect for casual romantic date, catching up with friends and family gathering. 

2. The food is greaaatttt! The meatloaf, bacon and kielbasa I tried were exceptional, like no other in Manila. The serving size is also huge, can be shared by 2 ladies who don't eat a lot. Dessert is also divine. The blackout chocolate cake, cappuccino cake and red velvet are awesome also. Everything is  very flavorful and moist. 

3. With the serving size and food quality, price comes cheap. It's so sulit.

Ayala Triangle Gardens (Makati Branch)
21 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig (Pasig Branch)

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