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Person A and I have a strange love affair with Antonio's . The past 3 years we've been trying to reserve a seat in this Miele Guide - listed restaurant and every time there's a good reason why we can't claim our reservation: the place is not available on our chosen date and the other time we don't have the time to drive to Tagaytay hence we had to cancel and book a table at Lolo Dad's instead. The latter is not bad at all, I tell you, it's still one of the best fine dining experience I ever had! So this time, we made sure that we get to enjoy Chef Tony Boy's creation and enjoy we did!

The Place

Antonio's is a quaint, fine dining restaurant in Tagaytay. The restaurant is unique because it is packaged as an estate-like experience wherein you are invited to the Chef's own weekend home. I love the huge gate, the intricately-designed wood works and especially the well-manicured garden. 

Upon entering the tiered-dining areas, you know that chic and elegance are its catch-phrase: the black, white and red palette on wood express it all.

According to the restaurant's website, "Antonio's is much more than a restaurant. It is an experience - an experience we encourage each and every guest to savor and share". What made us very curious with this place, which opened in 2002, it is consistently rated by Miele Guide to be the number 1 restaurant in the Philippines since it started publishing its list in 2008. 

Let me highlight its staff as well. I had the chance to coordinate with them and every time they have accommodated me and extremely well-versed with the place and food. Service is exceptional and to put more meat to this phrase, the waiter interchanged our order with the next table. Good thing, no one started eating or touching the plate hence there were no consequences. However, when Person A got the bill, he noticed his wine was not included. He asked the staff what's the reason and she answered, "Compliments from the waiter". 

The Food

Antonio's offer set menu, when you order the main course, it comes with salad, soup, dessert and coffee or tea. Since we are at Antonio's, we decided to go for the steak (good for 2 persons) but that's getting ahead of the story. 

Grilled Portobello Mushroom with Foie Gras 

The portobello mushroom was grilled nicely, very soft and has that nicely grilled taste. The consistency is similar to that of the foie gras! It can pass up as a filler. 

Now the foie gras is excellent. It's so soft - almost liquidy! Lastly, the sauce just amplifies the taste of the appetizer. 

It is safe to say that Person A and I can't get over this dish.

Antonio's Organic Mesclun Salad

Bleu d'Auvegne crumbled, glazed walnuts, dried currants and cranberries, with raspberry vinaigrette, drizzled with basil oil

Ang sarap! The salad tastes so fresh and healthy! The leaves are very crunchy while the berries and vinaigrette provide a sweet taste tempered by the saltiness of the blue cheese. Let me share also that the serving of blue cheese is humongous!

Cream of Kohlrabi with Pancetta Soup 

Kohlrabi is from the cabbage family while pancetta is Italian's version of bacon.

The soup is served warm, tastes mushroomy and is frothy on top. Pancetta provides texture and added saltiness to the soup. Serving size is generous. It's really good. 

Grilled Certified Angus Ribeye Steak (good for 2 persons!)

700g ribeye, rubbed with cardamom, with Antonio's sauce, chimichurri. 

It comes with a lot of choices of side dishes, I had truffled mashed potato 

while Person A ordered Antonio's Black and Green olive rice. 

The steak was nicely done, thick slabs and goes well with the sauces. It's really good. It is a 700g order and I tell you it's a lot for 2 individuals! We think it's good for 3 persons. Here are the sauces.

Poached Pear in Port Wine with Vanilla Ice Cream 

Anything cooked in wine is always good. Having said that, this half a pear is really good.

And the vanilla ice cream is divine. This is a winner.

Felchlin Maracaibo Chocolate Terrine w/ Double Cream and Roasted Pistachio

I am proud to share that I chose our desserts and both are winners.

This one tastes subtly creamy then the chocolate flavor just explodes. Add the cream and roasted pistachio, we love it. 

Wildrock Pinot

This is Person A's red wine. It's the first wine that he thinks is really good. 

Just sharing.

We ended the meal with a cup of coffee. I should have chosen the herbed tea as I was very full.

In Summary

1. All in all, Antonio's is worth it's Miele Guide status. The place is very quaint, elegant and chic. The ambiance is formal-casual hence perfect for romantic dates and sophisticated meals with family and friends.

2. Price point is expensive BUT looking at the quality of food and the number of courses, I say, it's still value for money. 

Tuesday - Sunday, 11AM to 2PM, 5:30PM - 8:30PM

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