Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jump In

While driving home this afternoon, I heard this song over the radio. I was reminded that it was one of my pick-me-uppers last December. 

I first heard this song when I was undergoing the first of the maaannnnyyy changes that came my way in the last month of 2012. I was driving on my way to work and RX played the song; I took it as a sign for me to move on and things will fall into place. At that time, I didn't know that it was for Smart's Jump In campaign.

Most of the time, change is always for the better

If you're going through change right now and it's still not making sense, chances are it's for the best in the greater scheme of things. It played out that way in my life. 

So, I hope this song will at least get you through the week.

Now's the time
Can't make it wait
It's your life
Don't hesitate

Live it more
It can be great

(Jump in)
Don't waste your time, your time
(Jump in)
Just live your life, your life

Jump into the future
Jump into a new day
Jump into the new you
Jump into a new way

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