Thursday, January 10, 2013

Interesting Things This Week

Swiss chocolate Ovaltine at the grocery store. Hmmmmm.... has anyone tried this?

While we're at it, the Belgian chocolate from where else... Belgium!...  which was Person A's pasalubong.  

I'll share this with you in my later posts, it's one of the better ones.

Mint-flavored frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon! It's really good, especially with chocolate toppings.

An expansive view of the golf course from a restaurant window.

This horse and open-top carriage painting.

The most heavenly Barako cheesecake!

This cute, tin pail-inspired sink. Makes me want to have one in my own bathroom, save for the tiles - I want another design.

And the MULTITUDE of sports cars plying SLEX over the weekend. This one was driven by a responsible driver.

Makes me think "Yumayaman na nga ang Pilipinas!"

This cat which was trying to accompany and nudge a dead cat. The scene was heart-wrenching while I was buying balut from the neighborhood magbabalut.

Lastly, the dainty, customized pocket mirror.

I love the polka dots and the romantic shade of pink! Thank you, Geri!

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