Friday, December 21, 2012

Lessons from the Last Three Weeks

When I ushered in the new year, I vividly remember texting Person A "this year is going to be our year". It was meant to be a general statement to attract and emulate positivity. True enough, 2012 has been very kind to us both. We tried to live the most we can and we were given significant responsibilities in our respective careers. His project made it on national news a few times and may have impacted you directly. In pursuit of my interest, I did a major career shift 4th quarter this year and I was excited and still challenged with my new role at work.

For 11 months, everything was fine; things were going smoothly until the first week of December. The pyramid of priorities that I carefully built for some years was toppled down. I was sad for a couple of days but somehow things felt right. After overanalyzing the situation, I took it as a sign to rebuild the pyramid with the levels (priorities) re-arranged. The pyramid base is still for God but I now have the chance to change my priorities. After all, it's easier to build from scratch than to modify a structure. Engineers would agree.

When the week of December 3 ended, I posted this over on Facebook not knowing that major life surprises are yet to happen. To be fair, the events of that week is more than enough for me to declare that 2012 is exciting.

Then 12.12.12 came, I witnessed the wedding of my aunt as a Flower Girl -(",)-*wink* and on that day as well, Person A surprised me with a commitment of a lifetime. After 7 years of being in a relationship, he finally decided that he liked it and put a ring on it.

Person A and I are officially engaged!

The 2,525 days that we waited are worth it. In fact, everything on that day is perfect: the date, clear, blue skies, God was a part of it, we witnessed the renewal of vows of one of the couples we admire, the excellent meal we had to celebrate, even the exquisite coffee, and oh,the ring is beyond perfect. Plus I get to bag the man of my dreams for a lifetime. I was so happy that day that up to now I can't wipe the silly smile on my face and I exude so much happiness.

And so Lesson #1 my dear folks is: Everything is perfect in God's time.

Lesson #2.The week before 12.12.12 was EXTREMELY tough for me. As shared above, by allowing things to happen, God gave me the chance to rebuild my pyramid of priorities and I am now prioritizing Person A and my family over my career. Isn't it perfect before I embark on this little thing called marriage? He made the events so grand as a reminder that there are a number of things more important in life.

As if the 12.12.12 event is not enough, God has another major major surprise in store for me this week! All I can say, "Dear God, I feel so loved by you. Thanks for putting things in order"

And lesson #3 here is, "When God closes a door, he opens a GARGANTUAN gate." Gargantuan, being the operative word.

Allow me to end this entry with lesson #4 "Everything happens for a reason". And with everything that has happened the past 3 weeks, 2012 is definitely one awesome year. 

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