Monday, December 3, 2012

Les Miserables

I've been meaning to share this video since I saw the extended trailer while living the life two weeks ago. Apart from The Hobbit, this is what I am looking forward to before the year ends.

At least I'm hoping they'll show both films before THE festival block books all cinemas and before I head to the place where cinemas don't exist. 

Why I think this film is love:

1. The choice of Hugh Jackman as Prisoner 24601 is fitting. Much like I definitely see Russel Crowe as  Javert.

2. Still on the cast, I am excited to see Helena Bonham Carter's take on Madame Thernadier. I imagine it would be a treat seeing her abuse Cosette.

3. Then there's Anne Hathaway who's doing the real, fragile version of I Dreamed a Dream. I love her line "There's something selfish going for the pretty version... she's (Fantine) devastated, she's literally at the bottom of a hole looking up and realizing that she's never gonna climb out of this". Her shaved head, disheveled look are perfect.

4. Of course, Tom Hooper. If you remember The King's Speech and how you feel for Colin Firth's King George VI, well Mr. Hooper is the Director of the film.

And so because we all love Lea Salonga, I'll end this post with Eponine singing On My Own.

And Lea Salonga's I Dreamed A Dream during the 25th Anniversary concert at the O2 Arena.

Please bring Les Miserables to Manila, I beg of you.


  1. WAAAA!!!! MUST!!!! WATCH!!!! NOW!!!!! NOW!!!!


  2. ikr! -(",)-*wink* Tot, The Hobbit is next week so hopefully this one is after that. Not after the MMFF. haha!



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