Sunday, February 6, 2011


However they say that one shouldn't go to the grocery when one is hungry, in Pinoy culture, grocery shopping and eating out almost always go together.

Who can resist the squidballs, shawarma, hotdogs, take-away pizzas offered by the stalls right across the cashier?

In true Rustan's fashion, they have a French bakeshop (x10 ang presyo kumpara sa bakery sa kanto!),  a delicatessen, a fresh salad shop that has a price point cheaper than SM's (Mr. Sy and I don't have much love between us. He doesn't know.) and Benny's - a filipino restaurant.

I believe it's named after Amb. Bienvenido Tantoco.

Going back to my opening statement, I was hungry after doing my grocery rounds and since Person A was with me, hindi-tayo-magddiyeta-ngayon is definitely on the menu.

Ensaladang Mangga.

A fusion of white onions, crispy red tomatoes, and green mangoes with sweet-salty bagoong. Yum!


The classic Pampanga fare is crispy, fresh tasting, and different from the one served by Gerry's/Dencio's but not distinct enough so that you can write home about it. 


This deserves a few words because of 2 things: (1) the banana leaf wrapping rendered appetizing flavor to the rice (2) Food presentation: puso is definitely  how cooked rice is sold in Visayas and Mindanao.

Iced tea.

It's brewed, refreshing and tastes like sweetened by honey. It pairs well with the sisig and doesn't taste like powdered drink.

Black out chocolate cake.

Moist, oreo-covered at hindi nakakaumay. They sell cakes at single serving (mini layer) and by the layer.

In summary:

1. We love the place because of its ambiance and the food is value-for-money. Despite the heavy foot traffic in the area, it looks distant from where we were seated, one cannot hear the conversation in the next table and the white and warm lighting are welcoming.

2. Price point is around PhP 100 for appetizer, PhP 200-300 for the viand, PhP 70 for the drinks, and around PhP 80 for the dessert. You get to spend around PhP 200 - PhP 300 per person.

3. Cakes sell at around PhP 500 a layer. I enjoy giving cakes and I've been looking for shops which sell them at PhP 500 and below. If I am a billionaire, I'd prefer Mandarin Oriental Cafe and Deli's cakes and desserts day in and day out. However, I am not. I am excited to try Benny's desserts.

Rustan's Makati

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