Sunday, February 13, 2011

BE Resorts, Cebu

Summer is fast approaching and one of the best summer destinations is Cebu, where you get to party, eat good food and soak up some sun.

If you happen to stay in Mactan, there is a 160-room boutique hotel which is priced 60% lower than the hotels along the Mactan coast.

How does it compare?

The Place

The resort is definitely well-styled. The terraced descent to the beach houses the infinity pool, jacuzzi, bar and the activity area. Stylish lounge chairs and day beds dot the area. The beach is a different story though. The sand is beige and coarse and the water is not inviting. The hotel's outdoor is ideal for lounging under the beach umbrellas and swimming in the pool.

Relaxed, fun and elegant are words that come to mind to describe the interiors of the hotel. It must be the airy hotel lobby, mixed with fun colors and styled with Kenneth Cobunpue pieces. I sat on all the Kenneth chairs I could get my hands on.

My derrière  was on Rolls Royce heaven the whole time I stayed in the hotel. The ergonomic feel of the chair is really something and probably comprises 80% of its exorbitant price.

The Rooms

The hotel has 6 floors and each elevator landing has a pretty seating area.

The hotel has ample sized-rooms. The bed and area can accommodate 2 to 4 occupants - that is if you don't mind sharing beds. Majority of their rooms offer 2 double beds. The sheets are definitely greater than 300 thread count and the pillows are soft. The lighting is warm but the rest of the furnishing are just high quality plywood, but it will do for its price.

This is what I see from my window. Although most rooms don't get this gorgeous view.

The comfort room offers the basic necessity. The good side is it has hot and cold shower and a rain showerhead! The water is salty though. Shampoo, bath gel and bar of soap are given for free and you have to bring the rest of your personal care products. Two bath towels are provided for your own use but it's not as immaculate white and fluffy as you want it to be.

The Food

Overnight stay comes with breakfast for 2. They have a basic selection of 5 viands, breads, coffee, juice and fruits. The food is bland. Although, you might wanna check out their lunch and dinner menu because the dinner served during the wedding I attended in the hotel is way way better than their breakfast serving.

In Summary

1. The hotel is value for money (PhP 3500 a night for 2). The place is beautiful, great styling and room amenities are reasonable. Pool-swimming is great but if you prefer the beach, then it is better if you hop on a boat and visit the neighboring islands.

2. The location is a bit far if you intend to frequently visit the city center. From Mactan airport, BE Resorts is a 20-minute fast drive costing you PhP 150. If you head out to the city, it will cost you PhP 300 by taxi.

BE Resorts,
Punta Engano Road
Mactan Island
(6332) 236.8888

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