Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paseo Uno Buffet and That Thing Called Valentine's Day

I had one of the best Valentine's Day celebration this year. We invited a friend to celebrate it with us but he declined the last minute. Nonetheless, it was the funny and anything-under-the-sun conversation over a great meal that sealed the deal.

And who can ever forget a meal at Paseo Uno?

There are 2 buffet offering in Manila that I don't mind paying despite of its price. It's Sofitel's Spiral buffet and Mandarin Oriental's Paseo Uno buffet.

Paseo Uno's value for money meter goes a couple of notch higher when there's a special occasion such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day. Case in point, this is my dinner plate last night.

Main Course

Steak, lobster, crayfish, Norwegian salmon and sea bass. My stomach was definitely in Rolls Royce heaven. Each item tastes really good and deserves a second serving.

There are also other cuisines in the buffet station. The Filipino food station  has lechon. The Japanese section has tempura and the Chinese section has flavorful dumplings among all other dishes. Nahiya lang akong magpicture.

The Western dishes section has lamb, duck and chicken on top of what I got on my dinner plate. Suffice to say, I did not get to try them all because I was already full with what I got and I started off with a good appetizer.


Paseo Uno has a whole stretch of appetizers. There were dinner rolls, salads, and cheese (soft and hard ones).  Once seated, the waiters served focaccia and salted butter.

What's special last night was this foie gras appetizer. The few times I was there, this was only served during special occasions. It's bread and foie gras topped with blue cheese. Foie gras and blue cheese compliment each other.

And yes, if you drop by the carving station, right beside the steak and grill, there is a small sign that says duck foie gras. I had a couple of slices (however you call the serving). Mandarin does it well and it literally melts in your mouth. I tried the liver with my steak and I say, it's a perfect combination. A slice of foie gras costs somewhere between PhP 500 to PhP 900 so if you get 3-5 servings, you could get your money's worth.


I always leave room for dessert. The restaurant has an unusually happy dessert table. There were fruits, cakes, ice cream, halo-halo, macaroons, chocolate fondue, jellys, pavlova and all other sweet things I can't name.

Our must try are chocolate mousse, strawberries and cream on meringue and this black sesame ice cream. It tastes like sesame seeds with the texture of ice cream. Hindi siya nakakaumay.

Dinner comes with 3 red roses and chocolates for the ladies.

In summary

1. The buffet price tag is PhP 2500 (all in) per person but with the offering that they have: steak, foie gras, tempura, sushi station, sea bass, salmon, lechon, you can definitely get your money's worth. I did, even if I don't eat a lot. Mind you, each dish tastes as good as when it is served in a fine dining restaurant. On regular days, it costs around PhP 1800 and foie gras isn't served.

2.  The restaurant has great service. The waiters are middle-aged to old people dressed in chinese peasant attire and they're very accommodating. Reservations are confirmed, they seat you at your preferred table and whatever you need, they give it to you promptly.

3. Tea (green and black) comes for free if you request it.

Paseo Uno
Mandarin Oriental
Makati Ave, Makati

P.S. I apologize for over sharing but I can't help it:  my date was dashing last night and the flowers are also lovely.

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