Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Scottish Boy Who Stole My Heart

Last night, I made friends with the cutest Scottish boy I know.

Ain't this the best work-week ender?

The thing with kids, as long as you've got a pen, paper or a good story to tell, you can easily win them over. Try it, it works!

I made him paper airplaneS (he wants a hundred!) which kept him busy while the adults played games. 

Apart from being so cute, he shakes hands with the gentlemen and hugs the ladies upon bidding goodbye.

I got an extra high-five for making his paper airplanes.

I was this happy by the end of the night.

Why do kids never fail to make you smile and go awwww...?

Warning: What follows may contain content overloaded with cuteness.

In a stroller

At the sidelines during a street parade

Curious about a street performer

On a school trip at the Louvre

Anticipating Minnie Mouse

Sheer happiness

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