Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer Bloom

After breakfast on Good Friday, I went around the house to take photos of the summer bloom. 

There were reds



And as long as I can remember, these "ladies have been dancing" for 20 years

Mama has the greenest thumb of all.  I wish I have the energy to plant and be responsible to cultivate flowering plants, but the sun and I don't have much love between us. I once remember telling Mama that if I'll have my own house, it's either I hire a gardener (if I can afford one) or just have no back/front yard at all. This was after I assisted her ALL DAY tending to her plants which covers 3/4 of the surrounding ground!

Hanggang Plants vs Zombies lang ako.

This is the plant box by the fence. Nothing fancy.

This pink orchid is my usual breakfast view in our backyard

While this white flower from a wild vine greets me by the garage every time I come home.

My favorite is this wild orchid

Reminds of chic spas and hotel.

It's always good to come home -(",)-*wink*

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