Friday, April 22, 2011

Fremantle: Old-World Charm

Fremantle’s got to be the loveliest port town I’ve ever seen (not that I’ve been to a lot). 

Its charm lies in its 19th century heritage buildings that are reminiscent of a bygone era of ship-faring and horse-drawn carriages.

It is as cosmopolitan as any modern city in the world. The town just did a great job in preserving its picturesque buildings. It is accessible from Perth via a 30-min train ride along Western Australia’s coast that has the Indian Ocean as the backdrop.

What can you actually do in Fremantle? 

I say a lot when you’re in a town which reminds you of museums, art gallery, coffee shops, restaurants by the harbour, weekend markets and a relaxed lifestyle.

 1. Explore the city

Bask in its 19th century feel by walking around and enjoying the beige, red and grey old-world buildings.

For biking enthusiasts, join a bike tour and learn about the history of the town. Yes, while you’re at it, have a cup of coffee in one of its quaint cafes. I should have done this while in town

2. Dine at the Fishing Boat Harbour

You have to cross the rail track to reach the harbor.

Apart from the yachts, fresh catch to be unloaded and the sea gulls, restaurants dot the harbour where you can get some fish and chips. 

We enjoyed some at Cicerrelo’s, Australia's favorite fish and chips.

Watch out, the sea gulls are on the look out to snatch your food.

The Little Creatures Brewery is also located along this strip. Be sure to be bring an identification card because their crew checks out  your age by the entrance.

Weekend Market

Locals flock to Fremantle for its weekend market. Food, fresh produce, accessories, home wares and all sorts of pretty things can be had in the 2 weekend markets that I visited.

Bratwursts and sausages

Organic skin care products



A musician and his accordion stationed at the back door of the market.

So chic!

If you look up online, a lot more things can be done at Fremantle

1. Visit the Fremantle Prison
2. Drop by the Maritime Museum
3. Shop at the outlet stores

4. Buy chocolates at the Fremantle Chocolate Factory. I read that this is the same company which operates the chocolate warehouse at Margaret River in Swan Valley.

In Summary

1. Fremantle is worth the visit if you want to step back in time and enjoy a laidback weekend

2. Do as the Aussies do, walk barefoot around town!

3. Dining at the harbour with the sea gulls is a cool experience as you get a view of the sea while enjoying your meal.

Western Australia

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