Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Warehouse Story

While driving along SLEX, Person A and I were having a discussion whether I should join him on his Friday night activities in QC: futsal and dinner. Just like any normal girl, I changed my mind 3 times along the 20-minute route.

I still haven't made up my mind while we were approaching the Manila (he'll drop me off at home) and Magallanes (I'll go with him to QC) fork on the road when:

Person A (taking the Magallanes route): Ay, kikidnapin na lang kita papuntang QC. Kunyari dadalhin kita sa warehouse.

Me: Like ko yun! Tapos magsshopping ako! -(",)-*wink*

Obviously, I was referring to this Warehouse, one of my favorite shops.

Where this dress is from

And where Kate Middleton shopped for sun dresses 2 days before her wedding. For her honeymoon, perhaps?

Whereas Person A was referring to this warehouse, where kidnap victims are typically carted off in Pinoy movies.

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