Monday, April 11, 2011

By the Swan River

I laced up my running shoes after "office" to keep up with my 3-month fitness goal.

I ran along the Swan River, which is named after the famous black swans in the area.

It was a bit cold and it rained so good thing I had my trusty windbreaker.

Along the way, I passed by the Bell Tower, which makes a lovely sound every hour.

The old port

Went to the edge of the river and found this jetty

And the rowing clubhouse

As I went along the trail, this was my view

There is also a bike trail where bikes literally race by

Yes, there are water stations along the path. Don't you love it?

However, the higlight of my night is coming across this group of black swans

Quite different from this black swan

Still very pretty.

I might follow the same trail tomorrw, just to see them in daylight.

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