Monday, April 4, 2011

Bakit Ako Kinikilig?

Kasi nakakarelate?

A friend tagged me via Facebook to watch this short film. I'm kinda 50-50 whether I'll recommend it or not. If you got the time, then hit it and tell me what you think. This was given an award in 2009.

I think this isn't for everyone.

Nonetheless, I was smiling by the time the film ended. Good thing, I was alone.

Watch the trailer below.

"BALANGINGI (Nosebleed) is a Kapampangan short film that takes a peek into the life of Xoo, a young Filipino "pilosopo" who is forced to attend a blind date set by his nephew. It won the ETC Best Short Film award from the Philippine Digital Music and Short Film Festival in 2009."

The actors need to mature in their craft, the production is a bit raw but how the story is written and presented may have pushed the film to win an award.   

Watch the film below.

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