Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dinner Last Night

Breakfast earlier

And salad mix in the coming days

Person A took home an order of cheese platter for the little girl. Yay! The cheese monster is happy!

Brie, this is one of my favorite cheeses. It's a soft cheese, from cow's milk and from the Champagne region in France. It's very soft and has a buttery, creamy center. It goes well with bread.

Manchego, it's "hard" (i am not so sure) cheese from La Mancha region in Spain and is made from sheep milk. Yes, it has that sheep after taste (think: when you order lamb) but the buttery texture, just-right-saltiness, and crumbly slice make it one of the best cheeses. This is Person A's favorite. It's good with bread and grapes or prunes.

Blue cheese. One of the few food material you want the mold to land on. It's soft cheese injected with Penicillium. It's good with grapes and walnuts

There were gouda, emmental and other cheeses on the platter. 

We also had multi-grain bread and kiwi with the cheeses.

And washed it down with beer. What happened to wine? 

Well, some food enthusiasts are now challenging wine's supremacy in cheese pairing so we had beer. For starters, this beer is very refreshing but with a bitter after taste. The yeasty, earthy and farm-y origin of the beer is sufficient to make a good match with cheese.

To be consistent, I am having cheese, bread and fruit dinner while typing this entry. 

Kailangan ubusin, bago masira.

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