Sunday, August 7, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

We had some crazy weather disturbance last week.  Luzon was caught between two weather systems, Category 4 Typhoon Kabayan (Muifa) in the east and a low pressure area in the west, that resulted to suspension of classes in Metro Manila and the Batangas-Laguna area, where I work.

Unfortunately,  the working class isn't so lucky as we still need to tread on to keep the economy running. Fortunately for me though, while everyone is drenched in rain in Metro Manila, I get to enjoy this view outside my office at 950 ft above sea level.


This is Mount Bulalo, shrouded by a huge mass of fog. And let's add these flowering orchids to the equation.

Lovely, isn't it? 

The workplace is very far from the concrete jungle of Makati but I get to enjoy mountains (Bulalo, Makiling) instead of skycrapers, I can go around the entire field without getting caught up in traffic and the best part, lunch costs PhP50: a huge portion of viand, rice and fresh fruits for dessert.

Some of the things I appreciate about my work.

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