Sunday, August 7, 2011

Solace in a Salad

I enjoy eating alone. I am not as sociable as most people believe me to be. Plus, I value my quiet time. So in between the mad rush preparing for Person A's birthday ( I logged 8000 steps just by running around park square-sm-glorietta-landmark-greenbelt-and-back-again), i had a lovely, simple dinner

After 2 hours running around like crazy (think: E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D), I curled up in my favorite corner of Mexicali with these:

An iced cappuccino fix, a British magazine and my bowl of grilled chicken taco salad. 

What I do is read while I enjoy the greens drenched in juices from the beans and the sauces. The taco adds an interesting and Mexican(?) texture to the whole leafy thing. For the flavor, the chicken takes care of that. Coffee washes down the spicy flavor plus it's totally refreshing.

I forgot to tell you, the grilled chicken taco salad was one of my go-to meals when I crossed the bridge from overweight to malnourished. I hope it is as healthy as I think it to be, I really haven't checked its calorie count.

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