Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels"

That's according to Kate Moss that most critics think is a pro-anorexia campaign. 

I don't promote it but I believe in loving your body and taking good care of it. I slacked big time right after I started working. Money flowed in and I was shell-shocked that I can afford a frappuccino anytime I want and can have good (greasy and fatty) food every time I crave for it.

So without any exercise, I slowly but surely gained weight to the point of becoming overweight. You heard it right, THE LITTLE GIRL WAS OVERWEIGHT. 

Apart from image issues, I don't want to develop obesity-related illnesses such as hypertension. Plus, I don't want to stress out my bones by carrying excess weight. 

I had to prove to myself that I can lose mass, i love myself too much. So last November, I started a lifestyle overhaul to bring down my BMI, from 25 to around 20. For those who are not familiar, Body Mass Index is a measure of a person's body fat based on weight and height. Here's a link so that you can easily calculate your BMI.

The first step was to change my diet. I cut my red meat in-take, that's pork and beef. Think steak (my favorite!), liempo, lechon, pork adobo and loaded up on fish and chicken instead, for my protein source. The reason for doing this is red meat takes longer time to digest hence bigger chance for the body to store it.

I have salad and bread for dinner. It was tough the first month, I felt like a goat after eating too much greens.

Then, I minimized my pastry in take. Think no more consuming a whole bar of chocolate, 3 slices of cake, frappuccino everyday (I was desecrating my body).  I still eat what I want but I exercise portion control. 3 bites just to satiate my craving.

I lost 5 lbs easily. That's a lot for a girl who is less than 4' 11". Yes, I am that short.

Then I increased my physical activity to increase metabolism. I do aerobics 2-3 times a week and I play table tennis twice a week. 

I took it a notch higher by running 5 kms 2-3 times a week. That's when I lost huge amount of fat. I lost additional 10 lbs, felt lighter and oh boy, I need a new wardrobe! And I became more confident wearing a bikini during our post-summer get-away. It was well documented but no, I won't be posting the entire set online, ever. That one tame photo is sufficient. 

I am small but I am more known for having a very small face. Everyone started praising my fit self and I even got my small face back! People asked me how I lost weight in 5 months and start practicing my regimen.  It also helps that you have a good support system. Person A and I eat more healthily and I was able to influence my parents, as well.

Here I am with my with a BMI of 18.5.

Here I am before sweating it out for 4 hours! I am that serious.

It was a difficult path, I am still struggling to keep the lifestyle but once you realize that you're taking care of your body, it inspires you and keeps you going. I also feel lighter without lugging all my fat in my tummy and thighs, I feel healthier and my stamina has greatly improved. Oh btw, I haven't gotten sick since January this year.

I don't necessarily promote being skinny, but I do promote healthy living.

And I am very happy about it. 

Come join me lead a healthy lifestyle.

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