Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2,485 Chances to Win Fuel or Fortuner from Caltex

I don't gas up at Caltex.

I prefer to gas up at the Orange competitor because I feel that the engine of my Jellybean works better with their blend of unleaded gasoline. Plus, if you really think about it, Person A is somehow connected with that company so I still benefit from whatever their company's bottom line earning for the year. Long story. And I am a bad employee (I am somehow connected to the parent company of Caltex).

There's always saving grace to this story. This year, I started purchasing gas at Caltex! It all started with the collectibles that you can win for their 75th anniversary. And then a few days back, I got this in my work mail.

The mechanics are pretty simple:

1. A minimum receipt of PhP 500 from July 15  to October 25 entitles you to one raffle ticket.

2. From September 25 - October 25, if you use your HSBC credit card, you get 2 raffle tickets for a minimum receipt of PhP 500! That's twice the chance to win.

Just off topic, if you're interested to know what affects the country's fuel price, you can read this press release. 

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