Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I Am About To Do

In this gloomy weather is to curl up in bed 

With my new book (It's hard-bound, baby!)

And a mug of hot coco-a

How are you spending the rainy, long weekend? 

I already have an eventful one. 

I spent the day yesterday ... *drum roll please* ...  at work! Haha! 

I would love to share with you how exciting the day was but I have a no-work-related-post policy, so let me just say this: For what it's worth, I find the dedication of the team very inspiring... in the middle of a storm, and all that.  I am very grateful for the assistance you've all provided.  Thank you! -(",)-*wink*

So once I shed off my safety shoes, I put on my favorite "mile-high" heels and watched Seussical, The Musical. Person A's idea of a Saturday night date. 

Ain't I swerte?

We met The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss's most recognizable character. 

Gertrude McFuzz, the loyal bird with a one-feathered tail. 

Horton, the kind, sweet-natured elephant who cares about other animals or people. 

Repertory Philippines' performance exceeded my expectations! Songs are great, dance sequence is awesome and the actors performance is impressive.

That was yesterday.

I spend the day with Mama.

Tomorrow, I'll be with a dear girl friend.

And the day after that with Person A.

I am fully-booked and happy! 

I hope your long weekend is doing as great.

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