Wednesday, August 24, 2011


For two weeks now, I've been looking for a new daily scent. My solid perfume had run out. 

The last two weeks as well, I developed rashes on the spot where I usually apply the perfume. It must have harbored bacteria. 

It's definitely time to buy a new one.

Unfortunately, I did not find anything that suits my budget. Anything less than PhP 700. So there was a point that I had nothing to apply. 

I smell great by the way, even if I don't apply any scent. Ask Person A. Haha!

So when I met my girl friends over the weekend, they were happy buyers of CLEAN perfume. Who wouldn't be happy about it, it's on sale!

Yes, at 65% off.

I came back to the stall last Monday and took home not just 1, but 2 bottles! 

I first saw CLEAN in one of the magazines. Based on my online research, the idea of Clean is it does not have a masking smell of a typical perfume. it has a fresh "stepped out of the bath smell". I normally prefer hints of powder and floral scent, nothing overpowering so these are perfect. Some of the scents are Fresh Laundry, Warm Cotton, Cotton T-Shirt, Shower Fresh, etc

Clean Provence (PhP 800, 30 mL, used to be PhP 2000)

The fragrance is inspired by “fine milled soaps of France”. Oooohhh... lavender... but the scent is described as being “reminiscent of pure soap and water, freshly laundered linen, and open blue skies”. Uh-huh, it smells just like that. At first spray, it comes out too strong but after a while it settles nicely on your skin. I can see myself using this for a loooonnnggg time.

Clean Clean (PhP 960, 60 mL, used to be PhP 2400)

It smells like you just lathered baby soap. And you can smell like that the whole day. The scent is stronger than provence.


Why did I buy 2 bottles when I just need one? If you noticed, the Clean Clean was marked down to PhP 1560, but the sales person marked it down further for me to PhP 960. Double mark down... another one of my lucky streaks.

So the next time you smell me nice and crisp, it's safe to say that it's gotta be Clean. 

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