Sunday, August 21, 2011

What I Want On My Reading List

You've probably seen the trailer a thousand times after watching all the five or so superhero movies this (Northern Hemisphere) summer

Looks like a very promising chick flick. With Anne Hathaway and Lone Scherfig as the director (An Education). Rumor has it that Anne wanted to play the British lead so badly that she flew to London to explain why she should get the part. Although she felt that she was inarticulate in the meeting, she left a playlist with Ms. Scherfig that will communicate what she wanted to say. She got the part.

So I haven't read the book yet and I am planning to get it on my next trip to the bookstore.

I am still caught up in this book. 

I am still contemplating if I should read "One Day" right after Feast For Crows or complete Dance with Dragons first. So while I contemplate how to move forward, I leave you with Wikipedia's plot entry of "One Day".

Dexter and Emma spend the night together following their graduation from Edinburgh University in 1988. Though they do not become romantically involved, they become friends and in subsequent years, their lives take them in different directions, but they keep in contact. The novel visits their lives on 15 July in successive years in each chapter for 20 years.

Emma becomes a waitress in Kentish Town at a horrible Tex-Mex restaurant, while Dexter becomes a successful television presenter. Dexter becomes increasingly addicted to alcohol and other drugs, and is often presented as a wreck. Gradually, Emma fulfills her ambitions, first as a teacher and then as a bestselling novelist. Conversely, Dexter's career collapses, going from presenting a mainstream television show, to cable TV, to being fired from a late-night video games review show.

Each of the main characters have relationships with others, such as Emma with an unfunny stand-up comedian boyfriend Ian, and Dexter with a fellow TV presenter. By 2001, Emma has broken up with Ian, and Dexter has divorced wife Sylvie with whom he has had a daughter, Jasmine. The cause of the divorce is Sylvie's infidelity with Callum, one of Dexter's university friends. After the divorce Dexter goes to Paris to visit Emma, where she is writing her second book.

When they meet in Paris, they confront their relationship and whether becoming lovers is the right choice, after all the years they have been friends and with all the complications such a transition would make.
The book continues to tell the story about their lives from this point, as a drama. 

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