Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Buon Giorno Tagaytay

Buon Giorno means “Good Day” in Italian. For most of us, it is an Italian Restaurant up in the highlands of Tagaytay.

It is situated in Cliffhouse, Tagaytay where you get one of the better views of Taal and the mountain breeze is biting cold at the right time of the year. Brrr….

After the massage, buying Good Shepherd’s ube jam, haggling fresh organic produce from the roadside vendor, trying to reserve a table at Amoroma (only to find out that lunch is served between 11-2 PM, we arrived at 2:20) and braving the impossible traffic in Tagaytay... not once... not twice.. but thrice!, we finally claimed our reserved seats at Buon Giorno.

It was already 3:00 PM and my head was spinning… I was about to faint from hunger.

Nahihilo na ako sa gutom!

Once I seated myself, I ordered a bowl of soup just to get me through the next minute.

Crema de Funghi (PhP 170)

Thick soup made from rich wild mushrooms. It’s like thick pumpkin soup but with the subtle taste of mushrooms. I can’t figure out why it has a sour aftertaste. Nonetheless, this is one good meal starter.

The four of us were so hungry that we polished the complimentary bread off before I was able to take a picture.

 Croquettes with Mozzarella (PhP 218)

Deep-fried potatoes outer layer, risotto-like inner layer and a core of cubed mozzarella. Since it is made from potatoes, the tomato sauce pairs well with this appetizer. I would love to have a melted mozzarella instead of a cubed one inside, but it doesn’t matter. It still tastes good.

Quattro Formaggi (PhP 365)

The pizza has a very thin crust and a generous serving of four cheeses: mozzarella, fontina, gorgonzola and  parmesan. It’s about 9” in diameter and is good for 4. It’s one of the better four cheese pizzas.

Pescatore Ala Puttanesca (PhP 308)

Fettuccine with seafood on spicy tomato sauce. I wasn’t big on pasta yesterday but my friends liked the dish. The pasta is al-dente and the spicy sauce adds the right tang to make it a good pasta dish.

Pollo E Funghi (PhP 302)

If you’ve read my food posts, you might have noticed that I like mushroom and I like risotto. So this is a natural choice for us. The rice is “al-dente”, not soggy. The broth/cream tastes of chicken, mushroom … very subtle… really really good. One of the good risottos in town. I can order this everytime I visit Buon Giorno.

Prime Rib (PhP 598)

Tender prime rib, served with mushroom, wine and gravy sauce. It has buttered veggies on the side. We had this well-done and it still is succulent, bordering juicy. Again, tastes real good. The sauce is just right, the flavors do not overpower the steak, it enhances the juiciness of the well-done steak. My favorite, this and the risotto.

We didn’t order dessert yesterday but during our last visit, we had some chocolate cake and tiramisu.

Molten Chocolate Cake ala Mode (PhP 168)

Thick, moist chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream. This is a good dessert when you’re not yet too full.

Coppa de Tiramisu (PhP 168)

Cake infused with rum and coffee, layered with mascarpone cheese and topped with grated chocolate. This isn’t your regular tiramisu slice and if I can remember it correctly, it has mousse-like consistency rather than the chiffon-like kind. This is a more versatile dessert… full or not.

In Summary

1. Buon Giorno is one of the better Italian restaurants. It’s worth the trip to Tagaytay. The food is great, the price doesn’t hurt as much and you’ll literally have a good day after eating in this restaurant.

2. The restaurant tends to get crowded (it’s so popular!), hence a reservation is a must. I don’t see this as a date place unless you come in during the low season. It’s good for family gathering and catching up with friends.

Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro
4 Cliff House

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