Tuesday, December 25, 2012

And They Said...

A few hours after our engagement, we shared the good news with family and friends. We can’t contain our joy that it has to be shared with the people we love. Before updating our Facebook profiles,

we sent this message to friends.

Fret not, this message wasn’t sent to our parents because as you might have heard, you don’t use the word “we” and “elope” in one sentence when you’re talking to your parents. 

On top of the standard “Congratulations” and  “Best Wishes”, allow us to share how our friends expressed their joy with us. Please note that these are copied verbatim from their replies.

The Straightforward Replies

“Wowoweeeeee! How did that happen??”
“WHOA KWENTOOO. Happy!!! :)"
“Oh my gooooosh! Congraaaats!!! Magkita ta beh! Pls…”
“Omg! It’s out and official! Sooo how did it happen??!!”
“How soon is soon-to-be?”
“Grabe sol. I will spend on roaming para text kita how happy we are for you.”
“… grabe may goosebumps pa ren ako sa happiness haha :)

The slightly Profound Ones

“Sabi ko na nga kaya ka nagleave e!”
“Yehey! Finally!… so you no longer need to bully Nestee!”
“Congratulations!!! PS. Pre, Never pa akong naging ring bearer ;)” 
Person A's reply: “actually flower girl na lang kulang sa line up eh, up for it?”
“Hahaha eloping is an option? Hahaha congratulations!!!”
“… Of course, eloping is not option” – This is a salute to the KGB movie with the line * Russian accent * “Failure is NOT OPTION”.
“Kahit mag-eelope kayo, sasama pa rin kami!”
“Congrats congrats! I just had champagne in your behalf!”

We honor our friends who shared their happiness with us; we sincerely feel the love. 

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