Sunday, March 16, 2014

Casa Cunanan

I have been quiet for a few weeks and with good reason. We transferred to our first home - technically second - but we will be staying here for a few years so our weekends are spent on furniture shop - hardware store runs,  home arrangement and cleaning and doing some odd paint jobs. The husband was successful in transforming my 5-year old black shoe cabinet to something that suits the current house theme. 

Boysen lang ang katapat, nyan!

Hence, allow me to do a quick update on how things are at Casa Cunanan.

We invested on an electric drill to make decorating easier and a pint of paint is a wise buy, too: this is the black shoe cabinet I shared earlier. 

PhP 5000 savings, yan! Puti na siya, kani-kanina lang. 

The pinterest-y part of the house, our dining area.

Thanks to the very pretty bunch the husband bought from Amsterdam on his way home. Since our wedding, the husband has flown some mileage. I am sorta-kinda inggit. 

We attended a morning wedding during Valentine's weekend... it's love. 

The husband wore his rockstar cufflinks. 

We also enjoyed a massage that weekend and a free night stay at a hotel courtesy of a friend. 

We are blessed. 

Life in the South is very relaxed and ... windy. I kid you not. We like it a lot here. We venture to the North to be with friends and sometimes invite them over to enjoy the charm of the South. 

We are slowly getting there in making our house a home that we can fill with love. Earlier, we went to the gardening supply shop to choose the plants we are to grow in our mini garden and the husband is designing the make-shift shelter we plan to have at the back of the house.

We can do this a step at a time. 

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