Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Day Has Arrived

That I brought home a live plant 2 live plants. If you remember, Nino - the onion, it died a glorious death so basing on that fact alone, these 2 will have to beat the odds (100%!). 

A royal purple phalaenopsis ...

... and a miniature one. 

I guess taking home orchids is way better than taking home a cat and a puppy which we seriously thought about for 5 minutes yesterday after spending our entire traveling time with a friend talking about cats. 

I've always loved flowers but not really live plants. Growing up in a shrub-tree-grass-orchid-name-any-plant-most-likely-my-mom-has-it-filled home, I understand that plants are clingy, needy beings. They need constant care: water, trimming, fertilizer and the whole she-bang. With only us 2 running the house and most likely we are dead tired at the end of the day, having these plants would be some responsibility. 

However, I've always been enamored by these classy blooms. These Moth Orchids are simple but very elegant which I thought would be perfect to beautify our home. This is one corner of our dining area. As much as I want to get the white variety, the deep purple perfectly suits our Ikea storage boxes and the Alessi fruit basket. 

Now this miniature version is too cute not too take with me home. And is perfect with our now-white shoe cabinet/console and the wall clock. 

If you are interested in taking care of Phalaenopsis, I was told that:

1. The blooms last for 2-3 months. Some varieties last for 6! Imagine the savings I will have by not buying cut flowers. 
2. They don't need much sunlight, a little water and warm temperature - perfect indoor plant. 
3. I was advised to water the plant once every 2 days. The appropriate volume is that of a small Yakult bottle. 

Wish us luck. We still intend to plant an entire garden. Let's see how that will pan out.

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