Monday, September 24, 2012

Daylight and The Piano Guys

Manila is still on a high from Maroon 5's concert. Not only that, everyone is raving about Adam Levine's hotness. As much as I want to be in the crowd singing Payphone with the band, I missed out Maroon 5's concert for this. Difficult choices have to be made when you have limited budget. I settled on reading people's account of their fantastic night and I came across Raymond Gutierrez's interview with Adam Levine who mentioned that his favorite song in their Overexposed album is DAYLIGHT. 

So last weekend, the fan girl in me immediately looked for the song and true enough the tune is very catchy. Just like most of the band's song, the lyrics is "oversharing of intimate moments" but it doesn't really matter. There's still no music video of the song, so you can opt to listen instead of watching.

I think this song will make it to the top of the charts. And if it doesn't, I will still have it in my favorites playlist. 

Speaking of songs, let me share with you my current gasgasin hanggang magsawa artist. The Piano Guys! According to their website  But just who are The Piano Guys? Actually, there’s only one piano player, Jon Schmidt, and one other instrumentalist, Steven Sharp Nelson, on cello. Yet the other three – Paul Anderson, Tel Stewart and Al van der Beek – are equally significant members of the group. The Piano Guys’ name comes from Anderson’s piano store in St. George, Utah, which was called The Piano Guys. 

Jon Schmidt first got into my radar when I can't get over this cover and mash up of Taylor Swift's Love Story and Coldplay's Viva La Vida. This copy, which I can't embed, is much better than what is shown below.


What I am playing right now is their cover of One Republic's Secrets mashed up with Beethoven's 5. 

Piano and cello are 2 classical instruments which when applied to contemporary songs make wonderful music. Say what? Hahaha that sentence is lame. Anyway, Person A loves the video. I think he secretly loves the rendition too, boyband eh. =P One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful

And watch and listen to David Guetta's Without You played on the piano and cello.

I love listening to instrumental pieces. It magnifies my brain's processing speed when I do modeling. Not the strut on the ramp kind (I don't have the height for the job, just to be clear) but the ones you run in the computer to forecast engineering processes behavior and whatever it is you want to predict. Geek talk alert! As a child, I was diligent with my piano lessons but realized that I can never be a concert pianist considering that my fingers can barely reach an octave. Hahaha! Small girl = short span. No regrets there. I am generally a happy camper, flaws and all.

One day, I'll play the piano again. Recital level.

Hahaha! Ambisosya.


  1. I'm not sure if you're still up to it, but the Piano Guys will be performing here in Manila this September 6th :)

    Although I can't seem to find any info on where to buy tickets..

  2. Hi Jeff, thanks :) thank you for sharing :) if you get info on the tickets, do share :)



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