Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adventures of the Little Girl Who Spoke Too Much

By 9PM yesterday, I can't utter a word and my throat felt it's scraped dry. However, my week-long health issues (from colds to gastro problems and now cough) did not stop my blue nails from  doing domestic errands ...

... and so let me share why I am so proud of myself and my side-kick for accomplishing a number of things yesterday and we even celebrated the Virgin Mary's birthday. Yay!

I started the day at 730. Showed up for Jellybean's preventive maintenance appointment. That check mark signifies that I am a responsible owner... again I am giving myself a pat on the back.

Then we had leisurely breakfast at a nearby coffee shop to start our Saturdate.  

My toast, his sandwich and our coffee - vanilla latte, a favorite.

Sometime in between, we took a jeepney ride and this poster had me thinking. 

I should commute or walk some more. Saves gas, saves mother earth.

Lunch was at Seryna to catch up with old friends and meet a new one. I spent the time conversing with our party of 6. Wrong move. I am happy, my throat wasn't.

My bento box of sashimi, tempura and grilled tuna.

Person A's order of tonkatsu

and 3 kinds of sashimi. 

Seryna's lunch sets are about 50% cheaper than ordering ala carte at dinner time. The tonkatsu bento box of soup, appetizer, main course, rice and grapes for dessert is only ~PhP 400. If you want value for money at Seryna, I suggest visit at lunch. 

Meet the adzuki and green tea shaved ice. Culprit # 29.

When I went back to fetch Jellybean, I was told by the maintenance guy that I need to change the car battery: the voltage during cranking is at the red zone (8-10 V). I was advised to buy at a nearby battery shop because their prices are 50% less than the service center's quotation. For fear of stalling in the coming days, I headed to the battery center and in 20 minutes, I had the diagnosis confirmed, installed new batteries and I was some thousand pesos poorer which could have afforded me a night's stay at a premiere resort in Mactan with food and spa credits or a Kate Spade bag I have been lusting for months or a roundtrip ticket to some remote Asian destination. #adultresponsibilities 

Wala akong karapatang magreklamo. I signed up for this.

Battery life is about 2 years, I am using mine for 2.5 years. 

Speaking of preventive maintenance, I went to the dentist Friday to have oral prophylaxis and my crown put back in place. The crown detached after subjecting it to spicy Bangkok tamarind. I am an advocate of PMs because it prevents catastrophic failures and saves a lot of moolah. Imagine your car stalling and you're teeth falling off because the cavities overran them.

Late afternoon 'til evening I dropped by my mother's doctor to get her prescription, had santol, heard mass and accompanied Person A to get his travel essentials. 

By 8PM, I was already tired and hungry and can't utter a word. I blame the cough, Person A thinks that I didn't give my throat enough rest the entire day when I declared the night before that I won't be talking too much. Masyado akong madaldal!

We headed to the nearest inasal restaurant inside the mall for dinner before bidding each other goodbye.

The halo halo is so tempting. Culprit #56. 

I have a habit of craving anything I can't have everytime I am sick. After posting this entry, my laundry is waiting for me with open arms.

I should rethink my career options and consider domestic goddess as an alternative.

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