Sunday, September 23, 2012

Annual Birthday Report: Cake Overload

Looking back at the birthday week that was, I've come to realize that I breezed through it with at least 2 surprises, 5 birthday cakes (or were there 7? 9?), maybe a kilo on my mid-section and another kilo each on my thighs, and a grateful heart for family and friends who put in effort to make me feel special. With the changes and a hundred more things happening in my life, I only wished to have a quiet birthday celebration with family and friends. Actually more of spending time with them. And celebrate I did... but was it quiet enough? Maybe. Though all I can remember is I laughed hard through most of the dinners and dessert despite me being tired from other activities. Please allow me to honor and thank the people who helped me welcome my 27th year and made me realize that relationships are more important than all the wealth this world has to offer. 

Taken at 2 in the morning!

Four days before D-day,  I met up with my SFC (that's Singles for Christ) girls for a fellowship night only to be surprised with balloons (handed one at a time at strategic points) as I walked the 50-m stretch to our meeting place. 

They topped it off with an accomplice who I thought was spending the night elsewhere.  Goojab! One of the rare instances you were able to surprise me. Great stalking skills, too. 

Girls, thanks for giving me birthday cake #1 and the balloons, I am fascinated with balloons.

Two days later,  Person A and I had dinner with my college girls and celebrated the way we always do... goofing around. 

My birthday wish is for my 2 beautiful girls to bring their respective dates on our future celebrations. Presenting the sansrival and chocolate cake we had. 

Yakkkiiiieee! May ibidinsya!

I ended the night receiving flowers from Person A and a very sweet card. His friends pitched in by writing these post it notes which had me laughing hard at 1 in the morning. 

There were greetings about me working for a competitor company, Person A's dry humor, his latest role at work and the question everyone has been asking frequently (read: kasalan!)

That's so sweet of you friends, Person A and I are so blessed to have known you. 

Then off I went to the province to feast on the yummiest lechon with family. 

I should write an entire post about Mindanao lechon, it's very tasty from the secret herbs and spices, it's juicy and cooked just right. Trust me, walang sinabi ang best lechon from whereever. My dearest Anthony Bourdain, I'd like to invite you to taste lechon from Mindanao. 

Mr. Piggy was raised in my parent's backyard and was friends with my dogs. Buti na lang we didn't get to meet each other, else I couldn't bear nourishing myself from its flesh.

It's actually my Mom's birthday celebration who turned 60! Me with Mama's friends.

To one of the most generous and loving person I know, happy birthday.

Birthday cake #2 courtesy of my parents. 

When I returned back to the big city, I met up again with friends when they surprised me with cream cheese frosted cake after watching The Mistress.

I am about to blow birthday cakes #4 and #5.

At this point, I was already 2 days into my 27th year and my upper SFC household gave me Cake #5 with the sweetest greeting.

Yes, kilig na ako sa salitang "Love: MarVin Unit". I am now officially a simple girl. Sorry for being the girl who has the earliest curfew. Umaalis na, hindi pa nagsisimula ang household!

And the cake is so soft, I should have taken a picture of myself making out with the spatula. I had the layer divided into slices for storage. Sayang naman the crumbs if I won't finish all of them.

I am yet to have dinner with work friends which I am looking forward to reviving our Hainanese Chicken nights.

Thinking about everything now, I might have done something good to deserve the love of these amazing people. Maybe I bought too much cake for friends the past year that I've been blessed 77x more. The only regret I have the past days is not having a decent photo with the best-EST person in the whole word.

We do have one but it's botched. :(

I took a page out of your book and spent the special day with people who matter and it's the best decision I ever made. Thank you.

Alam mo na yun!

As for my actual birthday, I spent the day doing nothing. 

And I am looking forward skip-hopping through life making memories with all of you. 

Cheers to growing older and getting wiser.  Life, let's bring it on!

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