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I Don't Believe in Make-Up: Shiseido's The Skincare Line

In my "I Don't Believe in Make-Up" series, I feature products that I use and work on my skin. I am not really a fan of putting on make-up to conceal flaws. I opt to spend the same amount of money nourishing my skin so I don't need to apply foundation. Please don't get me wrong, I put on make-up once in a while (because the occasion calls for it or I feel like it) but I usually don't have the time, resources and patience to do so everyday. I love that I still feel good with just powder on to control shine, lip balm to mitigate cracked lips, a dose of confidence and a happy disposition. Beauty is relative after all. I may have a double dose of confidence.


In this installment of this series, I am featuring Shiseido's The Skincare line

which I've been using for more than 9 months now. Although I can name a number of products which already work great on my skin, I am always on the lookout for new creams because there might be recent breakthroughs in skin care research. Plus, the products I swear by may be concocted for Caucasian skin so I am searching for something that are made for Asian skin. I have been coveting Shiseido but it's a little above the money I want to spend/mL of product. However, I can't resist trying Japanese products. In my book, Japanese equates to perfection and they rarely do anything wrong when it comes to consumer products. When I ran out of toner one day, I just said, "What the heck, I'll try it so that I won't have to deal with what-ifs later on".

According to Wikipedia, Shiseido is one of the oldest (established in 1872) cosmetics company in the world and the fourth largest. The Skincare is among the 7 lines the brand is offers to address all skin concerns. According to the product leaflet, It has long been known that the key to beautiful skin lies in the power of moisture. Obtaining the moisture - and keeping it - can pose a challenge. The Skincare offers your complexion all it needs to easily achieve perfect hydration each day ... whether faced with the stress of your life or your environment. Shiseido science goes beyond moisture replenishment to provide the tools for both actual moisture creation and optimal moisture management. With continued use, The Skincare gives skin the ability to avert dehydration and the resulting sings of aging. Day by day, you'll see the wonder of its work in the appearance of softer, smoother, incredibly vibrant complexion. Formulated with Yuzu seed extract which iproves the production of hyaluronic acid. 

The Skincare Hydro-nourishing Softener (PhP 1950)

Let me walk you through the product line according to my morning and night regimen. After washing my face with cleanser I apply Hydro-nourishing softener.

A dual action hydrating and exfoliating lotion that transforms the skin's texture in an instant. Improves clarity, radiance and moisture retention. This is the lightest toner I have tried that sometimes I can't help but question, does this ever exfoliate and cleanse my skin? Fret not, since I am using an extra-light cleanser, I still see traces of dirt clinging to the moistened cotton pad. I see this as a good sign. After application, skin feels instantly smooth that it feels like you've applied moisturizer already! According to the sales assistant, the softener prepares the skin for moisturizer application.

The Skincare Day Moisture Protection (PhP 1950)

A daytime moisturizer specially formulated to provide optimal hydration and balance in skin while protecting against UV rays and the damaging effects of other environmental factors.

This daytime moisturizer is similar to most moisturizing sunblocks although it's not as sticky. Secondly, although it is thick, it gets absorbed by the skin real fast. Another plus of the line are its product in a tight pumped container hence preventing the creams from oxygen exposure minimizing reaction to its chemistry.

The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge Light (PhP 1950)

After applying the softener at night, I pump small amount of this moisturizer and massage it to my face. The massaging is important because the instruction says to warm up the cream by mixing it on your palm before application. Rather than the palm absorbing the moisturizer, I opt to warm it up on my face. Wa-is tip.

A multi-action nighttime revitalizer that counteracts signs of daytime damage and delivers intensive hydrating benefits to skin while you sleep. Restores softness, smoothness, and a healthy-looking glow.

And I agree.

This is me after exposing my skin to harsh elements: 4 hours of sun, 2 hours of cave water with minerals, sweat and a heavy downpour, no powder or anything, I think my skin is holding up despite the "I am a Survivor" look. 

Like Kiehls, the entire morning and night regimen minimizes my pores, keeps my skin well-hydrated, smooth, supple and soft. Although, what sets this apart is it makes my skin partially luminous- which I wasn't able to achieve with other products. Therefore, Im currently loving the line and won't be replacing it anytime soon. And the staff at Shiseido Glorietta are very kind to give samplers if you ask for it. 

Of course, I try to eat healthy, exercise, load up on water and try to cover up. The hat does wonders in protecting the face, trust me.

Taking care of one's skin is not a single-product show after all.  

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