Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Issue

I am currently on a tight budget with my bills and commitments a few pesos lesser than my monthly cash inflow. Don't worry, I spend part of my income responsibly on investments ... or so I believe. And to make both ends meet, I've been consciously trying to lower my operational expense which happens to include groceries. 

On my quick grocery run tonight, I can't help but put these 2 magazines in my basket.

I'd like to know how to travel to 9 countries on a budget!

Then I'd like to get inspiration for my travel bucket list. Machu Pichu tops the list! 

If I'd rationalize, this magazine is a good buy considering that travel (and planning for one) gives a person a different view of the world. However, I can't find any justification why I had Lifestyle Asia punched on the cash register.

I'd like to believe that knowing the Baghag's life is a good investment especially if I dream on becoming an influential blogger. DREAM being the operative word. And oh, she met my Uncle Karl. Maybe if I read this article I'll meet him, too.  

Plus, I'd like to know who are the best dressed women of the country. Maybe take a page out of their style book?

Oh well, papel! I took these home with me na and I am a few hundred pesos poorer. Too late for remorse. I'll just enjoy the rest of my early morning reading the pages of these magazines. 

I am most excited to read Ingrid's story.

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