Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Doubletree Chocolate Chip Cookie

If Cookie Monster

has a favorite cookie list, I bet Doubletree cookie will make it to the top.

Person A received this tin can from a friend for his birthday. 

And I, the lucky person, got to share it with him. I remember his friend telling us "Masarap yan!"

True enough, the cookie tastes freshly-baked, very soft, rich in batter and chocolate flavors, and the chips are melty, chocolaty. I did some research and these cookies are made by the DoubleTree Upscale Hotels group to welcome their guests. The chain gives out approximately 60,000 chocolate chip cookies a day and it was initially provided for the VIPs. Each cookie is approximately 2 ounces and has 20 chocolate chips. 

This is how Person A and I look like while assessing the cookie. 

I found out as well that you can buy it online here.

USD 11 for 6 huge cookies in a tin can. 

Since I can't have one while my tummy is acting up, my mind is shouting...


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