Saturday, September 22, 2012

Anatomy of The Mistress

A day after turning 27 I flew back to the big city, had my driver's license renewed and watched The Mistress with my college girls.

I turn a year older, I line up for a John Lloyd-Bea movie. That simple.

Watching the film made me proud of the Filipino film industry. There are still a number of opportunities to improve on but we surely have come a long way and on the path to greatness.

So here's why I think the film is awesome:

1. The story has substance. Despite the trailer's revelation of the plot, the movie focuses on the flawed characters and their background. Case in point, Sari, the mistress is a breadwinner but she does love the benefactor. The fact that you can write a reflection paper out of the movie is proof enough that it has substance.

2. The cinematography is awesome. I am not a film critic so from regular viewer's point of view, each scene is shot from a very good angle, the lighting makes everyone beautiful. 

3. The cast is top-calibre. Except for being too pretty for a seamstress/master cutter, Bea provides depth to her character while Hilda Koronel deserves a round of applause for her performance.

4. John Lloyd. Pangalan pa lang nya, tumili na ako! JLC for life! The guy delivers. You can see in his eyes the spectrum of his emotions: happy, sad, in pain, wrath... you name it. Plus he looks good in his cockpit ray bans (?), his confidence when he goes topless despite the one big flab, JLC in a suit and his skinny jeans which doesn't flatter his thighs... Flaws and all, he's so adorable. *spoken like a true fan girl*

The film is well thought of. It has a better than expected soundtrack/musical score and Callao Cave in Cagayan is beautifully shot. And with that, here's the making of the film.

John Lloyd, it's okay to lose the bitin pants and sockless look.

I still choose you over Brad Pitt any given day. =P

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