Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Meet Dora

She drives 

She appreciates flowers

Before the Dora - fication, she looks like this

Then she went to Jinu Hair, a Korean Salon in Alabang. 

The hair stylist, Mr. Sem Park, discussed with her the look and length she wanted to achieve. In this case, the then-not-yet-Dora wanted to cut her hair short. Mr. Sem proposed to sport bangs to better frame her face and to lessen the weight of her hair by doing a layered cut. The hairstylist meticulously cut her hair layer by layer. Also, the wash came after the cut so he had an idea how it looked like once the hair is blown dry.

The salon has a simple interior but it feels spacious.

The reason why the now-Dora likes to have her hair cut by Koreans is they seem to really know what their doing. Even if she doesn't cut her hair for 4 months, it looks like this. 

Meaning, the cut gets better with time. 

She's still not sure whether Jinu Hair is the best hair-cutter in the South but she's willing to go back to this place to evaluate it further. Hair cut costs PhP 500. 

Unit 3GF, MSA Prime Center
Madrigal Business Park 2,
Tuesday - Sunday

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