Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dating a Royal

Whenever I head to the nail salon, I always keep my finger nails free of polish. It has always been that way though I have my digits painted once a year. Yesterday, I exercised my yearly indulgence and painted my finger nails blue! To be honest, I got the mani-pedi-foot spa package and since nail polish application will come out free of charge, my stingy-optimizer self grabbed the opportunity and has an Avatar-inspired nail.

Shocking choice of color considering that I am partial to neutral shades.

O.P.I. Dating a Royal. 

The nail polish dries fast and evenly. In terms of quality, I have no complaints with O.P.I. The color is another story. It's a tricky shade to wear since you have to be fair or have a rich skin tone so that the color will come out classy and not skanky. Pardon the choice of word. 

According to O.P.I.'s website, this is how the color should come out.

It came out a shade darker and Person A thinks this is indigo. This is a good tool to consult before I have my nails painted again.

Upon seeing the color on my nails, I was initially appalled! Parang PENTEL PEN blue!

After a few hours, I started to love it and I got two compliments at work today. Hahaha! Yes, I am rocking blue nails at work. In my jeans and safety shoes. Since this is a strong color and already an accessory on its own, I'll be planning my outfits around my nails so the next two weeks I'll stick to whites, beige, neutrals, brown and blue. Minimal brown and gold accessories. Maybe blue and silver can work, too.  

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