Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Report

I finally got my much needed rest from the activities of the last 72 hours. It's no fun running on 3 hours of sleep but with the company I got, it's all worth it. To say my August is packed, is an understatement. What a better way to spend my last month of being 26 than to seize life! I can't wait to summarize all my August adventures but that has to wait until September 1st and so let me pick up the story from my last blog entry

This is breakfast last Wednesday, the second day of the deluge. Bread, cookies and fruits. 

With coffee and freshly-squeezed lemon juice. 

Looks fancy, no? Honestly, this is my last food stash and this is called making do with what I got. Since Makati did not suspend the number coding restriction, I contemplated whether to brave the rain or face the police officer. In the end I decided to be safe and mitigated the possible apprehension with an extemporaneous spiel.

Person A was craving for frozen yoghurt on our way to the grocery while I had the cheese curls. The police officers were kind enough not to impose the number coding scheme.

Upon going back to work on Thursday, I felt overwhelmed with the things that I have to finish the next 3 weeks so I "happy-fied" (this sounds like a good word) myself with a scoop of nocciola gelato in a cone. It has to be in a cone for me to be happy. As always, hazelnut is love, it's my peyborit.

And ended the night with my girls. 

I am in a household with 8 wonderful girls and each week we nourish our spiritual lives through topics, service and praising God. 

Now let me start my weekend story with Wenlock, who is now oversleeping on my bed. 

Wenlock, together with Mandeville, are the official mascots of the 2012 London Olympics. So what are they? They are two drops of steel and named after the Shropshire town of Much Wenlock and Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Much Wenlock held a forerunner of the current Olympic Games in 1850 while the hospital organized the precursor of the Paralympic Games. I like the backstory, it's very geeky.

Wenlock is grey (or higly polished steel) because he's formed from the last girder of the Olympic Stadium. It is said that the skin reflects the appearance of the people he meets. The one eye is a camera and the yellow thing on his head symbolizes the light of a London Taxi. The shape on the front of his head represents the shape of the Olympic Stadium roof. He has five friendship bracelets on his wrist, each taking the color of an Olympic ring. 

He's got a sexy butt, too!

Wenlock was hand-delivered to me by my nephew - Kean. I picked him up from the airport Friday night and with that few hours we spent, the little guy blew me away. He's got the cutest British accent; I like how he pronounces the word toy shop and east coast

He loves Transformers and asks tons of questions. I had to come up with a simple enough explanation for the questions "How is lightning formed?" and "What is the body made of?" 

At 3 in the morning, I took them back to the airport and slept for a couple of hours before being woken up by Person A who arrived to pick me up for my 7AM event. It was already 7:45! Shoot!

Here we are grabbing a quick breakfast at SLEX. The shades is important to hide my enormous eye bags. 

I arrived 2 hours late for our company's sportsfest. For 8 hours, basketball, volleyball, swimming, bowling, darts, billiards, and table tennis were played simultaneously. One of the company activities I always look forward to.

I competed in 2 games of table tennis. That's neither topspin or underspin. I don't play well but I love the sport. I've been playing it the past 3 years.

I had such a great time that my photographer captured me in these 2 stills having a good laugh and looking like I am about to break into a dance number while serving. Haha! Person A and I also had the chance to paddle balls one-on-one after more than a year. I say I've greatly improved.

With minimal sleep, sweating it out for 4 hours, we ended the week with a massage. It was something I really needed before hitting the sack. I purchased vouchers from a deal site. It was okay but I am not complaining considering that I only paid PhP 99/person for a one-hour swedish/shiatsu massage and my body could use some kneading.

And so that's weekend #2 in August, I am looking forward to another adventure-filled weekend next week.

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