Monday, August 27, 2012

Of Leaf Pies, Bulalo and Spending the Weekend with Family and Friends

This same long weekend last year, I had a girl bonding weekend with le bestfriend in good 'ole Tagaytay. This year, I also headed to Tagaytay to take this little boy to see Taal Volcano.

It's still six in the morning when I took this shot and he just got off the plane from Cebu. He grew up in Isle of Wight and due to the unflattering reports he sees on TFC, he doesn't see the Philippines as a good place to visit. On this specific holiday, his Mum made sure that he gets to appreciate the country of his parents and took him to Bohol, Mindanao, swam with the whale sharks and now, Taal.


I should dig up photos of us two when I was still a toddler and you were in high school. Memories eons ago.

We had bulalo from Leslie's for their Filipino food overload.

A must if you are doing "GR duties", that's Guest Relations for the uninitiated, to foreign friends and family. It will be a year again before they enjoy authentic Filipino dishes. The broth is a bit salty, which had me thinking, is Rose and Grace's offering much better?

Last Saturday, I enjoyed some Rokumeikan Leaf Pie with my college girls.

This is THE leaf pie that Chuvaness craved for.

Our verdict: finer, less crumbly version of otap. Nothing spectacular and damn expensive. Php 50/small pack of two small leaf pies whereas you can get a family pack otap for the same price. This small box has 10 small packs. Get the picture? Mahirap maging social climber. Haha! On a serious note, if you really want to get it in Singapore, head to Takashimaya basement, Rokumeikan Tokya Ginza has a stall there. It's a very happy place for foodies - street and finer foods are available. It's where we bought the Godiva milkshake I shared in my previous post.

Dinner #2 that night was with one of my high school friends who is now based in Bukidnon. Meet Sarj, our glowing mom in red. Rightmost. There are 3 ladies in red in this picture.

I haven't seen her since we graduated from college and in that 5 years she got married and she just gave birth to her 2nd child! Yep, baby #2!

And as you noticed, I recycled my outfit, kasi peg ko HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. If my clothes don't smell and I just used it for a few hours, I air dry it and use it in the next opportunity. Trust me, I smell nice. Saves water and saves the textile quality. 

I am typing this post in my neighborhood carwash. Jellybean, my taxi-white car, is badly in need of pampering after 2 months of braving the rain and mud. 

Apart from charging reasonable cost, this place has Porsches and MBs and other luxury cars parked in its vicinity.

And at times, I see the carwash boys driving these cars. Naka Boxster si Kuya! 

Deym, talo most of my guy friends!

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