Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hints of Sunshine

With work called off at 6:40 in the morning, I am spending some time at home and thought of  blogging. I have a lot of blog backlogs but talking about food or beauty products is inappropriate especially that majority of Metro Manila is battling rising flood water.  I am grateful for the blessing of company, shelter, food, comfort, electricity, internet, television and countless things. 

Let me share some random photos I took and saved to spread some sunshine in this torrential monsoon rain.

For us who are lucky enough to be dry, with comfortable shelter and our family and belongings intact,  whining for that small leak, lack of electricity and not being able to enjoy your favorite fastfood is not the way to go. Spread the blessing and happiness you got so that we get through this flood together.

If you are still whining for the lack of comfort, remember Charles Darwin's words.

Most of us has a love-hate relationship with our jobs. And most of the time we all need our jobs. I couldn't agree more with this statement. 

In order to coexist, you pick out the good things you love about your job and try to cope with or change  the not so good things. Trust me, this will make your 8-5 life enjoyable and fulfilling. I also have this mantra when it comes to choosing your life partner. The ideal guy is not out there or if he is, someone's got him already. My take is, you specify 3-5 non-negotiables and the rest, you influence your partner to become that ideal person. For example, three of my non-negotiables are: believes in my God, prioritizes family and pursues his dreams. The way he dresses, the haircut, the activities he does, I can influence that. The latter is the "creating your ideal man" part. 

That's just me.

Moving on, I am fascinated with anything British: the accent, the wit, the humor, afternoon tea, scones, Duchess of Cambridge, Harry Potter, the classics, except for the perpetual gloomy weather. 

Above is Marks and Spencer display window.

An extremely cute and well-maintained Beetle I spotted along Ayala Ave at 7 in the morning.  

Complete with the surf board, 60s Coke bottle and Coleman. The driver has a hippie vibe. 

For men (and I think this is applicable to women as well) who have difficulty pairing shirts, ties, coats, shoes and belts, let me share Jane of Sea of Shoes's styling guide.

This is made by her sister Carol for their dad. Ain't it sweet?

And so before I end, let me share some updates I got on Facebook. If you don't have an account, these pieces of information can come in handy.

Emergency contact numbers.

Before wading in flood water, at least get informed so that you can clean yourself up and be knowledgeable should you start getting ill.

And lastly, please don't forget your pets. They also get hungry, feel cold and can suffer.

Stay safe everyone and if you can help, please do.

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