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My favorite M Cafe group has a new addition to its restaurant line up: Stella, a wood-fired bistro.

From the name itself, Stella is the Latin word for star and maybe geared up to become the next big star in the bistro scene. That's just my interpretation. A bistro, of French origin, is defined as an unpretentious restaurant, tavern, or pub.

The Place

The entrance leads to both Stella and Rocket Room, the adjoining bar - it looks very interesting and I am making a mental note to try it when I am in the mood for apertif.

Upon entering the restaurant, it has that chic, casual yet sophisticated vibe. Lighting is warm and the leather and plush seats add an elegant feel. A lone starfish and modernist lamps give an eclectic aura. The interior design theme is well-executed.

Cold towels are provided for once you've been seated. 

A nice touch which is rare in this restaurant category.

The Food

Complementary bread choices of rye,


and wheat with olive oil and tomato dip. 

The bread is soft, tastes healthy and freshly-baked. The dip tastes subtly of tomato. I commend their tactic of allowing the customer to choose from a common bread basket rather than leaving an entire basket on the table. 

Less wastage.

The Stella Salad (PhP 295)

Butter lettuce, crispy bacon, sundried tomato bits, candied rosemary pistachios, buttermilk chive-ranch dressing, Malagos pecorino.

Sounds intimidating but tastes like a healthier, gourmet Ceasar salad. Tomato dominates the flavor, while the dressing, though cream-based, has that healthy taste to it. And don't forget the generous bacon serving. The meat tastes home-cured and home fried! This is worth the title of "House Specialty"

Wood-fired Garlic Mushroom Cream Fettucine (PhP 425)

Porcini dust, truffle oil, Malagos pecorino, fresh lemon, herbs.

Typical excellent cream-based pasta with generous mushroom flavor with the added nakakagutom flavor of truffle oil. What separates this dish from other cream pasta is the hints of lemon which surprisingly complements the cream and the sheep cheese which I suspect is local - the Malagos farm I know from Davao. This is a good order if you are craving for cream-based pasta.

Salt-baked Gindara Fillet, 400g (PhP 395)

Light dill-citrus cream, citrus bits.

Gindara baked in a dome of salt. Don't mistake the salt as bread crumbs... It's very salty. Hehe The fish is baked to perfection. Very soft. Citrus provides a good contrast to the taste and smell of the sea.

This is again a winner.

In Summary

1. Stella is a casual yet chic bistro perfect for catching up with friends, casual date and intimate family gatherings.

2. Food tastes good, well-executed and excellently-presented with modernist cutleries. Portion is good for 2 persons and price/dish is mid-range. Relatively cheap considering the area it is located.

3. You will choose this place if you want to have good food, nice ambiance and somewhere new. It has all the elements of what makes the M Cafe group successful.

Bonifacio High Street Central
7th Ave cor 29th St.
Bonifacio Global City

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