Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seryna: Little Tokyo's Gem

To be clear, I am still "eating around" -(",)-*wink* Life (work, family, friends and other extra-curricular activities)  is happening too fast around me and I apologize for not having restaurant updates. However, I will address that gap this rainy weekend by sharing our Seryna experience.

If the name sounds familiar, that's because the foodie community considers the restaurant as one of the institutions in Japanese dining. I have shared a number of times that Person A and I love Japanese food and our favorite place to get our fix is at Little Tokyo. Due to Seryna's popularity, we tried to walk in 4 times and we've been turned down 4 times, too. Surprise! Surprise! When we headed out at 6PM, one Friday night, we were lucky that one table is reserved for 8PM, hence we got accommodated.

The Place

The place is already buzzing with locals by the time we claimed our table. By locals, I mean Japanese men who already rolled their sleeves and enjoying sushi at the bar. 

This is definitely a good sign! The place is cozy, warm and brown, and exudes a neighborhood vibe. It looks clean and well-maintained. Wines adorn one wall and tables for 4-8 people are available.

If you are a big group, you might want to ask if they have a separate room or can arrange their tables so it can comfortably seat everyone, I have doubts based on the length-biased dimension of the place.

The Food

We started off with his and hers sashimi. We agreed to disagree so the lady ordered tuna sashimi while the gentleman had salmon. Both orders were excellent!

Maguro/Tuna Sashimi (PhP 215)

Five, thick slices of fresh tuna. It tastes really fresh, chewy but firm. It's not salty nor doesn't have the iron-y taste of blood.

Salmon (PhP 240)

Five pieces of pink salmon flesh. The fish tastes so fresh and of "young salmon".  Look how pretty those lines are. One of the better ones we've tried.

Yaki Tori (PhP 240)

Five skewers of different chicken parts and products: chicken fillet, chicken liver, chicken heart, chicken balls and gizzard. All skewer is juicy and tender. What takes it from good to great is the "charcoal" taste rendered by the teriyaki sauce or the grill itself.

Buta-Buta (PhP65)

Pork belly skewer. We ordered an additional stick because the little girl prefers pork any given day. Same as the chicken version, it's juicy, tender and tastes good with the sauce. Worth the try.

Matcha Azuki Milk Kakiguri (PhP 210)

Shaved ice flavored with green tea and milk and with real beans! The ice is finely shaved but big enough to prevent it from melting prematurely. Green tea and milk are added generously. The beans provide an additional texture and complementary flavor. For shaved ice, this is premium. The serving can also be shared by two. The flavors are so generous that it already borders halo-halo with minimal sahog. And now, I am craving halo halo on a stormy night.

Tiramisu(PhP 240)

This got to be the priciest tiramisu, ever. For starters, the width is 1" thick while the length is about 3". I tell you, that's really small! Espresso is strong while texture is that of cream bordering gelato. Had it been bigger, I would recommend it but it's not, so better get this dessert elsewhere.

In Summary

1. The place is great for welcoming the weekend with friends and family. It can work for romantic dates as long as your partner doesn't crave for a fine dining ambiance and loves Japanese cuisine. 

2. Food is divine, really great. We enjoyed the sashimi, the skewers and the premium shaved ice. Be careful with the teeny-weeny tiramisu serving.

3. Surprisingly, price is comparable to restaurants in the area and in fact could be cheaper. 

Little Tokyo, 
2277 Chino Roces Ave
Legazpi Village

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