Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cold and Sweet

How are you with the crazy Manila rain? I hope everyone is safe.

Like most institutions, the management sent us home earlier so I decided to drop by the grocer to get some supplies just in case the deluge continues. While doing my routine check on what the ice cream freezer holds, this caught my attention

Uh-huh! Reese's ice cream.

And so ice cream bar on a rainy day is in order.

As expected, it is the cold version of our favorite chocolate. The chocolate coating is extremely thin and easily breaks if you don't handle the bar with care. What I like is the cream filling. It's the lesser sweet version of the chocolate without compromising the peanut butter goodness.

Goojab Unilever!

Dear Selecta, you know what to do. -(",)-*wink*

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