Sunday, July 29, 2012


Who can resist chocolate?

I can't. If only I can have bars and bars in a day without piling the pounds, I would! I do take a piece or 2 a day because... I can't resist chocolates. In my last trip to the salon, I thought hard on the color to paint my toe nails with. It's been 3 weeks since I had my nails cleaned and more than 2 months since I had them painted. Then this bottle caught my attention...

Lovely shade of deep brown, reminds me of rich milk chocolate. Chocolate toes might help curb my chocolate craving. 

If you like dark shades, this is a good choice. It's not the typical black and matches with most colors of footwear. It also makes my feet fairer. I have been wearing the polish for a week now and it hasn't chipped nor showed signs of wear. 

This will be my top choice when I am in the mood for dark color.

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