Monday, July 23, 2012

I Don't Believe in Make-Up: Organic Peppermint and Organic Cranberry Lotions

I have to admit that soft, silky skin makes me feel confident. I consciously take care of my skin: I drink LOOTTTSSS (3-4 L a day) of water, eat fruits and vegetables, use mild soap and constantly moisturize with lotion. It would be no surprise that I read the labels in the lotion bottles that I purchase. My go-to product is Nivea but from time to time, I try new products. 

When I found the Avalon Organics on sale in the grocery store, I was convinced to get it.

Avalon Organics Peppermint (~PhP 480, PhP 240)

Helps prevent and relieve extra dry skin. Contains organic peppermint essential oil, organic aloe, and vitamin E.

The consistency is thick but not heavy on the skin. You can feel its richness and once the lotion is fully absorbed, skin feels silky for at least 6 hours. It gets the job done. Peppermint smells extra nice but the major downside is the extra cool sensation of peppermint. It's no fun when you apply it at 5 in the morning and just before you sleep. Trust me. It wakes you up! For this reason alone, I won't get the peppermint variety.

There's another organic lotion that works really, really well on my skin.

JASON Cranberry Lotion (~PhP 450)

According to the JASON website, "a group of independent thinkers drew upon the pioneering spirit back to natural ingredients proven safer and proven to work together in naturally effective ways. And so the JASON (which means "healer" in Greek) brand was born."

Akala ko July, August, September, October, November.The cream-colored lotion has extra fine texture. Skin feels lovely after application and lovelier once it is absorbed: very silky, very smooth and skin looks well-moisturized. If applied overnight, you'll get the softest skin in the morning. I am pretty sure there are fancier and more expensive kind that can deliver the same effect but for the bottles I've tried, this is the best: value and result.

What lotion works for you?

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