Sunday, July 29, 2012

Afternoon Tea

I haven't done anything productive since I can't locate my car key at 10 in the morning. Congratulate me! I was supposed to go to a mass service but when I fished out the key, I can't find it. Panic! Panic! I must have dropped it inside the car - Friday night. Yeah, my car key was inside the car. Galing ko, no? Person A had to come over from Caloocan to open Jellybean with his spare key and retrieve the missing one. 

And since I haven't practiced the art of doing nothing for so long, I welcome the non-stop rain and lay in bed. Now I got tired of it so I am having afternoon tea. Ang haba ng intro. I am addicted to tea. If you've been following me, I live for tea. Okay, OA but I love tea. What makes my afternoon tea special is that I have a stroopwafel stash to pair with it.

Stroopwafel is caramel-filled waffle from the land of tulips and windmills. They were first made in Gouda, Netherlands in 1784 using breadcrumbs dipped in syrup. Poorman's bread.  It tastes sugar-syrupy sweet from the filling. 

The box I have right now is from Person A. Gouda's Gilde caramel waffles are baked according to the original recipe from 1864. 

I first tasted this pastry five years back when Person A introduced this to me. His company's headquarter is in Netherlands. A local brand sells this but it's far from the authentic taste.  Starbucks and Coffee Bean also carry the stroopwafel but it costs around PhP 50/piece whereas we can get a disc of 10 for as low as 2 euros. 

How to enjoy your stroopwafel. 

Soften the waffle and caramel over steaming tea. It will be biscuit-hard if you don't.

After 2 minutes, wash down the sweetness with tea. A tip: don't overheat your waffle, it will soften and get soggy. 

Person A and most people like theirs with coffee. Brewed is better since it washes and tempers the sweetness.

What cup are you enjoying this afternoon?

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  1. Hi Karen, I travelled to the Netherlands last year and I fall in love with this delicious Dutch treat. I was trying to look if they are selling it here in the Philippines and luckily I came across to a company called Bakery Bakery Asia. They are selling freshly baked Stroopwafels and they can send it all over the Philippines. You can check their website or their FB page for the infos. Hope it helps!




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