Sunday, February 23, 2014

Maldives Couple Selfie

While waiting for my Maldives post, allow me to share a few of the photos I took with the photographer. 

You see, he is not really comfortable in front of the camera so I will always treasure our photos together. That's on top of the memories each photo bring. 

Couple selfie underwater, on our way to the massage, while waiting for our dinner on another island, a meal and just us enjoying life's precious moments. 

Life is beautiful. 


  1. Replies
    1. -(",)-*wink* life is too short not to get kilig all the time :)

  2. Nice! Ang saya naman ng honeymoon (?) nyo, sa Maldives. Via Air Asia ba ito? Saan ang layover tsaka how much ang pamasahe? :)

    1. Hi Jay :) Thank you for dropping by my blog :)

      1. Maldives is fun and beautiful :)
      2. We took Malaysian Airways via KL :)
      3. Other options we looked at a. Via Sri Lanka and via Sinapore

      Hope this helps :)



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