Friday, November 2, 2012

Staycation: The Lord of the Rings Marathon

I am most excited for this long weekend. This has been ear-marked for the Lord of the Rings marathon. 3 films, more than 3 hours each and directors cut edition. I finished the series in approximately 13 hours  with a KFC dinner break.

I borrowed this platinum series DVDs from a friend some months back and it's actually my 3rd time to watch the films. The first one in the movie house (missed the Fellowship of the Ring), the second time when HBO had a movie marathon last August and yesterday. 

I love epic tales as evidenced by these books under my work desk at home.

Game of Thrones

Harry Potter 

and well, these series may not be epic but they're actually entertaining.

Speaking of the books, I haven't read them. I tried when I was 16 but I got bored with the first 100 pages. The same experience I had with the Hundred Years of Solitude. I never appreciated the tale until this year. Let's make this a goal in 2013.

Unlike Person A, he is a huge fan of the LOTR books and films. I think he has memorized most of the lines. And he actually purchased the ring. He loves epic tales.

And while I familiarize myself with the making of the film, which is another 15 hours btw, 

let me share with you The Hobbit trailer.

They've been promoting non-stop. Here's a photo a friend, snapped earlier today in Wellington, New Zealand.
Photo courtesy of Beth Anito-Polestico.
And here's what another friend shared on my Facebook page: Air New Zealand's safety briefing.
Are you excited? ... because I am very excited.

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